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As we will see in many of the examples that follow this chapter, a real estate entrepreneur must have a good understanding of leasing. Often the entrepreneur is the developer and/or owner of property that is or will be leased to tenants.

Unfortunately the Tenant we are negotiating with is not willing to pay us $100,000 in the first year of the Lease Term. It is a start-up company and wants to preserve as much of its cash as possible for the first year of its operation.

One way landlords and tenants can break a logjam over the exact rent per square foot that the landlord wants, but the tenant is not willing to pay, is free rent. This is simply the nonpayment of rent by a tenant during a stipulated period between a Lease Commencement Date (when the Lease begins) and […]

The biggest issue between landlords and tenants is of course how much rent the tenant pays to the landlord. Rents are figured by the square foot. To determine annual rent, one multiplies rentable square footage by the rent per square foot.

Since the owner of this building wants to rent all 10,000 sf of his building to the tenants, he will assign each of them a pro rata amount of the 2,000 sf of common area. In order to do that, the landlord must allocate a certain percentage of the common area to each tenant.