good relationship Building Good Relationship with CustomersCustomer is king so it’s very important for all business owners to know the secret to maintain good relationship with customers and make them become loyal ones. Without customers, no matter how good your product is, you will get no income at all. Satisfying customers you’ll get not only one sales but also free marketing tool to promote your product. We all know word of mouth marketing is very powerful. In contrast, one unhappy customer will spread the news to his/her neighbors, families and friends continuously.

Below are four things that you can do to have a strong relationship with your customers.

Customer Loyalty Program

customer loyalty loyalty program11 Building Good Relationship with CustomersHow many customers do you have? What do you do keep them loyal?  Do you know the biggest shoppers at your store/business? Do you give any recognition? What have you been doing to differentiate your products from competitors’ in front of customers’ eyes? If you think that selling products cheaply, giving best service, holding discount occasionally, opening booths are enough, you’re in danger!

You should start collecting their data by giving membership card. Give it for free so everyone wants to register. Keep in mind that you need their data to be used to keep relationship and update them the latest news, offers, products, promos, etc. At the beginning, you might need to spend some money to buy gifts to be given to customers who give their data voluntarily.

Later by using membership card, you can know the biggest shoppers and give them presents. Or, you can hold sweepstakes within certain period of time and give car/house as the grand prizes. For sure, your customers will be happy shopping at your store or buying your products.


Greeting Card

greeting card1 Building Good Relationship with CustomersHaving a good relationship with customers isn’t easy. You shouldn’t treat them as strangers, especially the loyal ones. You should know at least about their personal information, starting from birth date, address, religion, number of children, husband/wife’s name, etc. Knowing those things, you can make them feel special by sending them birthday cards on their birthdays, give them special discounts on their birthday, remember their religious holidays, etc. Who don’t feel happy knowing that other people care about them?

The good news is you can do this automatically by using customer relationship application in which the system will automatically send email/SMS on those special days. You don’t have to worry and get more jobs to make your customers happy.

If you have extra budget, you can send them real greeting cards. You can buy stationery paper at Paper Direct that provides complete stationery equipments, including when you want to make invitation cards to invite customers to join to your business/store’s events.



parcel Building Good Relationship with CustomersSo far, you’ve been collecting customers’ data and sending greetings on their special day, now you’ll learn another way to build good relationship with customers by giving presents. Fruits, cakes, cookies, household appliances are some options that you can give to your biggest shoppers. You can either make the parcel yourself or buy from another party. Make the parcel as beautiful as possible and don’t forget to send your greeting card at the time you deliver the package.


Social Network

social network Building Good Relationship with CustomersMany companies, businesses and stores have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, many of them only use those accounts to share latest events, introduce new products, and announce promos without responding to customer complaints. In fact, the latter is very crucial since more people look for recommendations before deciding to buy any product or use any service by reading reviews on social network sites.

Hire a special employee to manage your online branding to keep it positive and better than your competitors. Your cost for hiring new worker is cheaper compared to the sales that you’ll make by having good reviews on the internet and handle online complaints as well as facing the offline customers’ suggestions.

Those four simple things will make your business better so why don’t you start implementing customer loyalty program, sending greetings on certain events, giving presents and optimizing the your social network accounts to build a great relationship with customers?

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